water colour tubes


Milind Mulick’s Master Artist Set Le Coffret De I’ Artiste Maitre, Milind Mulick Set Of 6 Watercolour Tubes (5ml/0.7 Oz) Lot De 6 Tubes Aquarelle (5ml/0.7 Oz).
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With The Primaries, I Can Mix Any Secondary Or Tertiary Color. Essentially My Paintings Are Indian Scenes With Tropical Greenery. I Use Hansa Yellow Light With Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade) To Mix Fresh Greens. Add Reds To That Mix For More Green Variants. Neutrals & Browns Are Phthalo Green Mixed With Crimson, Or Pyroll Scarlet Respectively. Add A Warm & A Cool Shade Of The Blues & Reds,And These 6 Beautiful Shades Mix The Entire Color Spectrum In My Paintings.


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